[tin-announce] [ANNOUNCE] tin 2.4.0 released

Urs Jan├čen urs at tin.org
Tue Aug 23 19:33:42 CEST 2016

25 years after the initial release[1] I made a new major version
(2.4.0) available:

New features:
. simplified Chinese translation
. handle RFC 2231 parameter value continuation
. skip over RFC 2231 language parameters
. RFC 2231 decoding of non us-ascii MIME-parameter values
. options to color external quotes (extquote_handling,
  extquote_regex, col_extquote)
. LookupMessage ('L') in select level if reading via NNTP

. The gTLD list is no longer actively maintained (too many new gTLD
  recently), disable_gnksa_domain_check=OFF might result in false
. --enable-heapsort is now default during configure (sort_function in
  tinrc still needs to be set accordingly if you like to use heapsort
  instead of qsort)
. --enable-ipv6 is now default during configure
. --enable-break-long-lines is now default during configure

Retired Features:
. groupname_max_length, can now be set via user defined screen layout
  at select level

Full changelog:


Detached signatures are in the related *.sign files in the same

[1] <http://www.tin.org/tin-announce.txt>

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