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I met my old friend yesterday, he  is  now so famous and talked by a  lot  of people.  You  can find more about him here <http://solution.eeezzzmoney.com/e7hgq/727>

Speak to you later, ez at ezq.com

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Honestly, this is a deficiency on the dispatcher  not  knowing her local geography, most likely due  to  lack of  training  but it's hard to place blame unless you are there and can  see  how the agency operates and  what they  stress in  training.  The address of the incident is  literally 31088 The Fairway off of Batesville.  This  dispatcher doesn't realize that the word "THE" is part of the address.   Take a minute to  look  it up on google maps, I can understand how it  might trip up a  dispatcher.

This is a perfect example of why I stress  knowing the  geography of our jurisdiction so thoroughly.  We regularly send dispatchers out on  ride-a-longs for training  just so they can see these locations and keep them fresh in their mind.  Being  able to recognize street  names, especially a tricky one like "The Fairway" is a vital part of  the job.  We have a  list of uncommon or difficult  geographic areas that new employees  must learn.  Most of these locations are defined by  nicknames  or are pronounced  completely different  from how they look spelled out.   This extra  training  is  just so we don't run  into problems like this  dispatcher did.

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