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Wed Mar 9 11:54:07 CET 2016

Hi, there
P.M. Machinery is the only one grinder manufacture that can only provide you the Crankshaft Grinder and the Big Size Roller Grinder in Taiwan
Our grinders can grind the work-piece up to 12 Meters long( one machine bed), the diameter up to 2000 mm and the work-piece up to 40 Tons. 
Suppose your work-piece is up to 100 tons, we can custom-made for you only
1.      Application Industry fields---Crown shape grinding
Our products are very popular in the industry fields, such as the Steel Roll, Paper Roller, Glass Roller manufacturing, Rubber Roller and plastic injection roller fields.
For these kinds of rollers, it needs the special techniques to grind the rollers
What we call" Crown" grinding, or the convex grinding 
It is just a single touch away
We have built in our CNC controller, it just a simple touch, then it can be done in seconds
2.      Quality and Price
Our products absolutely can fit your need with high quality and reasonable price.
You may check the attachment to see some of our techniques in the cylindrical grinder, including the tolerance and roughness
Also you may check the following path for our grinding movies for your reference
A: Crank Shaft Grinding
B: Roller Grinding
You may surf the following YouTube hyperlink to see the real crank 
shaft grinding  
And the cylindrical grinder with travel head 
3.      Customers for reference
Our customers such as the China Steel Corporation and KHC steel Corporation
The two companies are the stock list company in Taiwan
So, for your further understanding;
 The following is cylindrical grinder brief introduction just for your reference
All the headstock & front base, carriage are cast in high strain casting up to FC30~FC35
Ribs of the base are designed with cell form to get stability & rigidness. The guide way is lubricated by hydrodynamic & static lubrication-system to get smooth motion and low friction occurs between base & table.
B: Grinding Wheel
The spindle is made by Ni-Cr-Mo alloy steel with precise grinding which was installed into hydrodynamic bearing to get precise rotary & non-wear performance.
The Grinding wheel is mounted on the grinding support adjust (carriage) directly and lubricated by hydrodynamic & static lubricate-system                                                               the pulley on the spindle are pulled with indirect to avoid it to get strain from the motor.
DRIVE by varied frequency motor which offer the headstock varied speed widely.
AIR-DYNAMIC DEVICE on the bottom of the headstock for easily moving.
The SPRING DRIVEN-DOG is to ensure the work piece to get smooth running.
The wheel-dressing device is mounted on the tailstock to dress the edge & face of the wheel by program.
And the AIR-DYNAMIC DEVICE on the bottom of the tailstock is to move it easily.
By adjusting the bottom of the tailstock directly, our esteemed customer can get the work-piece alignment.
The FANUC CNC-controller is applied to develop the roll grinding process automatically. The system is configured with a humanized operation panel for user which made the grinding operation became easy and precise.
There are 4 built in programs in our CNC controller
Even a junior technician can grind the master piece
G: Glide way
 We use the one V and one flat glide way for the slide moving
Besides that, we use the hydraulic and static lubrication system to make sure the min.
The friction between the slides.
Furthermore, we use the wearing resist pad to extend the durability of the slide system
Your Excellency or your customers can easily find some of our products will fit your needs with reasonable and competitive price via our strong marketing supports; our customers will increase their production efficiency and increase the ROI (return on investment) and the revenue in no time.
For more information, please contact us
We do believe you can find something to fit your need
We are so sure there will be something right just for your market. 
Shall you require any further information, please don't hesitate to contact us. 
We will be at your disposal. Thank you for your participation and look forward to hearing from you soon.
Should you need more information?
Please feel free to contact us
or surf our website at 
Best Regards
 PM Machinery Marketing Team.
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