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I hope you are the right person to discuss about USA Mobile Store Management
Services for your Business.

About Our Organization: wirelessretailsolution.com has Experience in USA
Mobile store backend operations, Bookkeeping and Accounting, Payroll
Processing , USA Tax Preparation for individuals with headquarters located

We offer different types of services to Mobile stores : 

. Daily sales audit 

. Daily Store/Employee standing report.

. Monthly commission payout reconciliation Dispute unpaid payouts and
dispute the errors.

. Reconcile chargeback & investigate chargebacks.

. Check for possible fraud on sales via matching with chargeback.

. End of the month employee commission calculation and reporting.

. End of the month employee commission chargeback calculation and reporting.

. Putting alerts on any possible fraud on sales.

. End of the month calculating Gross Profit for the store.

. Enabling and disabling ids for the new hire and ex-employee.

. Reconciliation of Commission on monthly basis.

. Can get entire back office operation system set up systematically  from
scratch by getting data to excel and make operations smooth and generating
multiple  reporting possible for better and smoother operations.

. Updating point of sale application time to time to keep the system update
to date and current. 

. Managing inventory. Since this would be a virtual work, the system always
needs to be up to date on your side including phone sales and accessories
sales. All returns must be processed in the system and take off for best
results. We have observed that if returns are not processed and managed
properly this industry suffers a lot on this aspect.

. Pay role processing for the employees.

. Monthly sales tax preparations for all the 50 states.

. Form 941 Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return. 


We have hands on Experience with AT&T Retailer, Verizon wireless, Sprint,
T-Mobile, US Cellular, Boost Mobile, Increase Customer Service,
Productivity, Lower Costs & Optimize your Store Operations and more..


Please let me know your thoughts on the same and convenient time discuss on
your requirements.  


Thanks & Regards,

Brian Miller

Business Development Executive

www. wirelessretailsolution.com


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