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Jessica Parker torrtdeimage at yandex.com
Tue Aug 14 10:04:48 CEST 2018

Shooting pictures is easy. However,the most important part often involves
the editing part after the shooting.
For many professional photographers, post processing photo editing has
become a necessity.
They may have shot good pictures yes but they still need to make them
great. It is at this point that image editing technique is applied.

Photo editing is a broad term that includes enhancement that makes a raw
photo more precious and attractive.
This is a simple, yet complicated process that is carried out in a studio
using software such as Photoshop
or GIMP which supports various features which are useful in photo editing.

What we do here:
Adding, removing and replacing objects / people from the photograph
Adding / removing / correcting background
Improving picture quality
Improving resolution and lighting
Color corrections brightening key elements, adjusting tones & contrasts

Also about our portrait retouching services:
– Skin retouching without blurring and losing skin texture
– Spots, blemishes, acne removal
– Wrinkles and eye bags smoothing
– Hair retouching; Stray hair removal
– Eyes/teeth enhancement
– Braces removal
– Double chin removal; Facial reshaping/slimming
– Make-up correction or application
– Color grading
– Preparing files for print

Let us know if you have any photos for working.


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