[tin-bugs] again to check with

Kate Staples veelasnant at yandex.com
Thu Aug 16 13:09:56 CEST 2018

Just want to do a quick check from your company.
Do you have photos ready for editing?

We mailing do cutting out for all kinds of photos, also masking or clipping
path, depends on clients.
Adding, removing and replacing objects / people from the photograph
Adding / removing / correcting background
Improving picture quality
Improving resolution and lighting

portrait retouching
– Skin retouching without blurring and losing skin texture
– Spots, blemishes, acne removal
– Wrinkles and eye bags smoothing
– Hair retouching; Stray hair removal
– Eyes/teeth enhancement
– Braces removal
– Double chin removal; Facial reshaping/slimming
– Make-up correction or application
– Color grading
– Preparing files for print

Let us know if you have interests.

Kate Staples

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