[tin-bugs] Good day. "www.tin.global" available for you to register

Mark Goro mark at go.global
Tue Jun 19 00:09:12 CEST 2018

Good day.Please know "www.tin.global" is now available, given your affiliation
with tin.org.  GoDaddy  NameCheap  View All Resellers  We are the Dot-Global
domains registry (we own the ".Global" extension, a meaningful new alternative
to.com |.net |.org), already having near 50,000 standard registrations and $1M+
in premium sales.
We are reaching out to help ensure you have the knowledge and opportunity to
gain ownership of "tin.global" prior to another company or investor.
VisitGo.Global for all information, you able to view similarsold.Global's on
ourpremium sales list, and please reply for a direct-deal, us able to offer
cancel-anytime flexible monthly payments.Mark GoroMarketing Manager of Premium
Names.Global Domains RegistryPhone: +1 305 988 5674Email: mark at go.globalSkype:
--------------------------------Why .Global?→VideoPremium domains hold standard
renewal pricing, not premium rates.Prices of premium names are subject to change
without prior notice.Reply with "no thank you" for no further contact
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