[tin-bugs] 5 Reason to Register for the Weave ICO Private Sale

WEARVR ico at wearvr.com
Thu Jan 10 11:00:05 CET 2019

( http://api.sx8.email/api/v1/track/campaign/click/I8oSGrhltNSTrjpT2S3FW6/lk6fbOnoSfH9t2K5WEtl6S )

WEARVR is the company creating Weave and is the only independent app store in the virtual and augmented reality marketplace and has an established successful business and ecosystem ready to be tokenised. This means 000's of users, partners and distribution channels are ready to use Weave.

There is a very strong correlation between the profile of a VR/AR user and a typical adopter of cryptocurrencies. This means the target audience is ready to use Weave and is comfortable using cryptocurrencies. The Weave ICO is uniquely and advantageous differentiated from all other ICOs in the respect.

WEARVR has a global user base and has global partnerships with headset manufacturers and other companies operating in the VR/AR market. This includes Asia, with the largest number of contracts in China. Weave will be purchased, used and adopted globally as soon as the token sale is completed.

WEARVR has been operating their app store for over four years and has had over 3m downloads, 10k apps and over 7k development companies and partners on their platform. It’s a thriving marketplace that sits perfectly in the middle of the VR/AR ecosystem. 

The Weave private sale ends in 21 days. The public sale Weave price will be $0.10, now is the time to reserve your Weave at $0.06, a 40% discount. Register today! ( http://api.sx8.email/api/v1/track/campaign/click/I8oSGrhltNSTrjpT2S3FW6/lk6fbOnoSfH9t2K5WEtl6S )

( http://api.sx8.email/api/v1/track/campaign/click/I8oSGrhltNSTrjpT2S3FW6/lk6fbOnoSfH9t2K5WEtl6S )

( http://api.sx8.email/api/v1/track/campaign/click/wAjbxBm576RDGDZzPEXs4L/lk6fbOnoSfH9t2K5WEtl6S )

( http://api.sx8.email/api/v1/track/campaign/click/Pq2i4MW2g9hv3c9M0R0hTU/lk6fbOnoSfH9t2K5WEtl6S )
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