[tin-bugs] Data entry service and data processing services

Linda jafenwstanse at mail.fr
Sat Jan 26 10:55:50 CET 2019

We provide data entry service and data processing services.

We makes it easy for you to take the documents you have and turn them into
documents you can use.
If you have paper and image forms, directory listings, spreadsheets,
reports or any number of handwritten
or printed documents we can transcribe the required information using data
entry and other data capture
techniques into Excel, Access, or a text file database designed to meet the

specific needs of your business.

We can also enter information directly into your internet web site

We provide complete data processing services including: data entry form
preparation, data form control,
manual data entry, automated data capture, data base production and
electronic data transmission
and delivery.

Our experienced data entry professionals are trained to capture data
efficiently and effectively.
So quit worrying about being understaffed during peak processing periods.

Let's start it today if you have needs.


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