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You have been selected and invited for this years World Congress on Physicians, Surgeons, Primary Healthcare and Medicare Summit (PSPHMS 2019). The congress will be held this summer at the Washington Convention Center, Washington D.C United States from July 20th to 30th, 2019.
The Conference is organized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS), American Medical Association (AMA) in collaboration with the American Society of General Internal Medicine (ASGIM).
This conference is for all individuals, Health workers, Gastroenterology, Oncology, Pathology, and Hepatology experts, Clinicians, and Surgeons, Nurses, Nutritionists, Physicians, Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations as well as Clinical researchers.
NOTE: All interested delegates that requires Entry visa to enter the United States to attend this meeting will be guaranteed an Entry US Visa which will be assisted by our organization in obtaining an Entry visa in their passport.
Registration is
round trip air tickets will be provided to all participants/delegates by the Sponsors and Organizers of this conference for the event.
Kindly indicate your interest in participating in this years Conference so further informations can be given to you regarding the conference.
View our website for further details as we expect your immediate confirmation so we can brief you more about the conference through this email:
psphms at outlook.com
Dr. Luis Campos, MD, MSc, FACP.
Conference Secretary.
PSPHMS 2019.
World Congress on Physicians, Surgeons,
Primary Healthcare and Medicare Summit (PSPHMS 2019).
3160 16th St.Connecticut Ave.
NW Suite 600 Washington, DC 20036.
By TEL: +1 - 202-902-8632
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