[tin-bugs] Referred by friend - Still offering $24.99/mo unlimited flat-fee credit card processing?

Nicky Rago nick at sohbetlal.com
Fri Jul 24 17:30:51 CEST 2020

I noticed that your business is still paying 2.5% Credit Card
Processing Fees every month!   That money is your profit - keep it!
1) The Big Question: 
How much is your Credit Card Processing costing you every month? 
2) Your BEST Solution:
Try our new UNLIMITED Flat-Fee Processing - one simple fee
$24.99/month. Your business can process all your credit/debit card
holders - unlimited transactions for one price. NO SURPRISES & no
extra fees!
Our best promo ever - here's the current special.  
July 2020 Promotion - reply today to qualify for:
* Free Equipment (2x Terminals)
* No Contract 
* No Cancellation Fees
* Try Without Obligation!
July 2020 Promo - I'm Interested! [Click to Email]
Recent US Law (15 U.S. Code § 1693o–2 | U.S. Code) places the
responsibility for processing fees on the card holders. Those paying
with cash get a 'cash discount.' Consumers understand Covid19 is
hurting businesses. They want to support you. Consumer reports
studies have shown that 98.2% of customers had no issues at
checkout. There is a reason why businesses love this!
1) Don’t need to cancel your current processor.
2) Place our new terminal right next to your old one.
3) Try us out, risk free, no obligation, no time limit.
4) If you're not happy, we'll come get our equipment.
Send us a quick email: I'm interested.
Best regards,
Nicky Rago
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Re: Referred by friend - Still offering $24.99/mo unlimited flat-fee
credit card processing?
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