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Mon Feb 1 20:49:23 CET 2021

Be more productive

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In the past nine months we’ve seen a massive shift towards a digital and remote work environment. As things head back to normal, we can assume these remote processes we put in place are around to stay. In fact, it will be the new way many businesses operate going forward.

That’s why we built Calendar--an all-in-one calendar management, scheduling, and productivity solution to help you and your team stay maximize their time and potential. Calendar separates itself from the other tools by providing:

*Team Scheduling:* Use our Find-A-Time feature to book meetings with up to 50 team members, no more back and forth emails or syncing internal schedules. *Calendar Analytics:* See where you and your team’s time is being spent, use this data to optimize your team’s performance. *Artificial Intelligence:* We are building a Smart Calendar that will give you suggestions and insights on how to make the most of your time.

Still not convinced? On average we save our customers 4.3 hours per week, so give us a shot and enjoy a 30-day free Pro trial, no credit card required.

Looking forward to seeing you join the Calendar family.

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