[tin-bugs] plastic blow mold

Elinur.Allan bill at makecustomparts.com
Tue Jul 27 16:24:59 CEST 2021

Hello Manager,

Thanks for your time to read my email.

Glad to learn you're on the market of plastic products. We can help you design and manufacturing all types of plastic products, aluminum products. Includes electronic assembling, silk-screen printing, oil-spout and packaging.

we are offering services including:<br>
• CNC Machined Prototype<br>
• Rapid Precision Maching<br>
• SLA/SLS<br>
• Polyurethane Casting<br>
• Rapid Pressure Die Casting<br>
• Rapid Plastic Injection Molding <br>

Clould you please help to give me reply today?

Thank you in advance for your time. Please contact me if you have any questions


CNM, look forward to cooperate with you.
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