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Arismel Licas Arismel.Licas at linkport.oemmanufacturerfromshenzhen.com
Wed Mar 23 19:13:43 CET 2022

hello tin-bugs,
A good day to you. Thanks for your time in reading my email.

We founded the company CNM GROUP in 1999 and, since the beginning of our existence, we have been trying to offer our customers  know-how in combination with cost-effective solutions. We complete implementation of components for industry. Extrusion of aluminium, extrusion of plastics and EPDM, CNC machining, pressure die casting or plastics injection, these are technologies in which we are strong and where we can offer you an unparalleled price/quality ratio.

Our team is committed to understanding your needs and exceeding your expectations. Our precision engineers are always on hand to provide the technical consultancy and support you need. Our project management and administrative teams ensure we understand all your requirements and deliver on time and on budget.

Our strength include but not limited to
a)	Electrical Appliance
b)	Automotive parts
c)	Consumer goods
d)	Toys
e)	Kitchenware
f)	Houseware 
Please reply to this email directly.

If you are interested in any plastic parts, please send me drawings or samples and we will give you the best price from one piece.
Looking forward to hearing from you soon. thanks a lot!
Sincerely,  -  Arismel.Licas


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