[tin-bugs] SPAM: All of your data has been copied. Your system is compromised.

Murray kkh at heemangfdn.or.kr
Sun May 22 19:01:28 CEST 2022


This is  your last warning.  

I broke  into  your  system through  the Wireless  network modem  you were  connecting to. 

Just  a few  months ago,  I entered  the devices  that you previously  used to  get on the  net. 

All of  the  information from  the electronics  & devices  has been  quickly replicated  to my  web  servers. 

I  can  access  all of  your  cellphone messengers, social network  sites,  e-mail, chat  history, and  contact-list. 
My trojan continuously  upgrades its  personal signature  (driver-type),  for that  reason it  stays invisible to  antivirus applications. 

I  guess now  you see, why I  stayed unseen  right until  this present  day

While collecting infos  with regards  to you, I  found you're  a  major fan  of adult  web  sites &  even more. 
You  truly like  to go  to  porn sites &  view  filthy video  clips while  having an  ejaculation. 

I've surely  made a  cam recording of  you wanking  off. 
The cropping  and editing  of the  video clip  you were  seeing at  the time &  your genital  masturbation. 

Your  own facial expression is  clearly seeable.  I don't think this  particular material  would  be really  good for  your personal  reputation. 

I  can direct  this video  footage out  to everybody who  know  who you  are. 

I in  addition have  no challenge with  making  all your  personal information  public  on the  Internet. I'm sure you  realize what  i  am talking  about. 

It could be an  absolute  frustration for you  personally. 

I can wreck your  daily life  forever. I  suspect you seriously  don't need  that to happen. 

Now  let's  solve it  in this  manner:  you send  me 1200 $  (dollars)  thru btc  equivalent at  the moment  of payment), &  i'll immediately erase  all your  information from  my computers. Following  that, we'll  ignore  one another. 

My btc  transaction  address  for transaction:  bc1qe9p8llle0p3l59sd40djc60m0cz3f6twr4re3r

Should  you not  understand how  to transfer  money &  exactly  what Bitcoin  is. Simply type  in the  Search engines  like google  "Buy Bitcoin". 

I  present  you with  two  days to  send  me money. 
The time  started counting  automatically after  you opened  up the  e mail.  

I will  receive  an alert  the minute  this email  is opened. 
Do  not  try  and look  for  help, as  the payment address  can't  be traced,  email the  letter came from  & cannot be  followed either  and created  automatically, so  there is  no  point in  texting  to me. 

Don't    try  to  make  contact with the  law enforcement  and other security  services, and  if you  do, your  own data  will be revealed. 
Changing  passwords in  social network  sites,  e-mail, and  gadgets won't  help you,  since all  the data  has already  been  downloaded to  my hosting space. 

All  the best  . &  do  not do  anything foolish.  Think about  your forthcoming  future.

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