[tin-dev] [tin 2.4.3] snapshots - please test

Urs Jan├čen urs at tin.org
Tue Jun 5 11:05:44 CEST 2018

I've made snapshots for testing the new features and fixes so far.
Please give it a try and report (or even fix) any issues:


 011) Francisco Javier Serrador <fserrador at gmail.com>
      ADD. spanish translation
      FIX. es.po

 010) Matt Anton <tin at lv223.org>
      ADD. updated french translation
      FIX. fr.po

 009) Dennis Preiser <dennis at d--p.de>
      BUG. ensure destination of match_string() is NULL terminated
      BUG. possible buffer overflows with long translations
      BUG. fixed length buffer in rfc1522_decode() may overflow
      ADD. don't idna_decode() strings which are not IDNA encoded
      ADD. ability to filter on Path:-header
      FIX. art.c, config.c, feed.c, filter.c, getline.c, help.c, lang.c
           main.c, memory.c, nntplib.c, page.c, rfc2047.c, save.c, screen.c
           extern.h, nntplib.h, proto.h, tin.h

 008) Urs Janssen <urs at tin.org>
      ADD. config.guess, config.sub update
      ADD. checks for explicit_bzero(), explicit_memset(), memset_s()
      ADD. don't strip binray with "make install"
      ADD. match_string()/match_item() now stop on first '\n'
      ADD. don't show broken active file messages if not running with -D 1
      ADD. accept arbitrary line length in mail.active file
      ADD. allow (multiple) -v for debug mode
      BUG. possible buffer overflow when prompting for a wildcard search
           pattern in get_search_pattern()
      BUG. possible buffer overflows with long translations
      BUG. pointer arithmetic with possible NULL pointer
      BUG. didn't recheck CAPABILITIES after auth
      FIX. active.c, art.c, auth.c, config.c, feed.c, getline.c, help.c, init.c
           keymap.c, mail.c, main.c, misc.c, newsrc.c, nntplib.c, rfc1524.c
           search.c, select.c, signal.c, strftime.c, extern.h, proto.h
           config.guess, config.sub, configure[.in], autoconf.h[in]

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