[tin-dev] [tin 2.4.4] snapshots

Urs Janßen urs at tin.org
Sun Jan 27 10:41:01 CET 2019

I've made snapshots for testing esp. on systems where /bin/sh does
not understand XPG4 style case parenthesis balancing.


changes so far:

 016) Thomas E. Dickey <dickey at invisible-island.net>
      ADD. update configure macros - use xpg3 instead of xpg4 case-statements
      FIX. aclocal.m4, configure[.in]

 015) Dennis Preiser <dennis at d--p.de>
      BUG. 'L'ookupMessageID in select-level could crash if 1st group
           in newsrc is marked bogus
      FIX. active.c

 014) Urs Janssen <urs at tin.org>
      ADD. fix handrolled strcasestr() to cast returned value
           (required for cray-unicos cc)
      ADD. determine mailbox_name just once
      REM. dead code (NEW_HASH_METHOD, gl_init_done)
      ADD. config.guess, config.sub update
      FIX. feed.c, getline.c, init.c, list.c, misc.c, screen.c, string.c
           proto.h, config.guess, config.sub

 013) Toomas Soome <tsoome at me.com>
      ADD. updated estonian translation
      FIX. et.po

Jef Poskanzer:
"When people aren't stupid Usenet is even more useful. Too bad this happens
 so rarely."

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