[tin-dev] --with-included-gettext seems to be broken

Dennis Preiser dennis at d--p.de
Fri Jan 21 14:12:00 CET 2022


I have found that I cannot build tin with '--with-included-gettext'.
(I don't really need this, just played around a bit.)

The last version where '--with-included-gettext' still works for me is
2.4.1. Since 2.4.2 it seems to be broken, configure doesn't even create
a Makefile in intl/.

| dennis at coredump:~/src/tin-2.4.2% ./configure --with-included-gettext --with-screen=ncurses
| creating cache ./config.cache
| [...]
| updating cache ./config.cache
| creating ./config.status
| creating pcre/Makefile
| creating pcre/RunTest
| creating po/Makefile.in
| creating src/Makefile
| creating include/autoconf.h
| creating po/POTFILES
| creating po/Makefile
| dennis at coredump:~/src/tin-2.4.2%

On the other hand, four years without a complaint ...


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