[tin-bugs] An introduction to Bob's Repair

Mike Willis mike at cryptoinvestmentclub.co.uk
Mon Jan 29 19:07:37 CET 2018

My name is Mike,
My client [ Bob's Repair ]( https://bobsrepair.com/?refcode=27011PAM ) are getting very close to their ICO and therefore I wanted to take a few seconds to introduce you to them and a phenomenal investment opportunity.
Unlike the majority of ICO's where the company you're investing in will need a year or two to build both a product and awareness after investment, [ Bob's Repair ]( https://bobsrepair.com/?refcode=27011PAM ) are already an established business, having processed a million transactions over the last three years.
To spread awareness, and to improve the Bob Application, [ Bob's Repair ]( https://bobsrepair.com/?refcode=27011PAM ) will raise funds by issuing ERC20 Tokens (Bob Tokens). All Token holders will receive a share of future profits and anyone that buy's before Feb 4th will receive bonus tokens.
[ Learn more about Bob's Repair and the Pre ICO Sale. ]( https://bobsrepair.com/?refcode=27011PAM )


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