[tin-bugs] New ICO Early Presale: Pitch Apply ICO 0.1ETH entrance with 20% bonus

Pitch Apply tokensale at pitchapply.com
Mon Jan 29 20:33:11 CET 2018


Introducing the Pitch Apply ICO
Pitch Apply is an innovative resume platform platform that will revolutionize the way we apply for jobs, help mastering job interviews and perhaps more importantly, a platform that will reshape the recruitment industry through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain based features.
At the heart of our ambition to reshape the recruitment industry with blockchain based technology is the Pitch Token, a new utility token that gives users access to our blockchain based features in our platforms ecosystem, and in return users are better equiped to manage their data and increase their effectiveniss when applying. As our userbase will grow and our features offer will increase, we expect the demand for PCH Token to rise exponentially.


The current rate of our token is 6667PCH for 1ETH(o.ooo15ETH per PCH. 


Our ICO starts with an Early Presale on February 1st 12:00 UTC and will run untill February 8th 12:00 UTC. Participate in the Early Presale with a minimum of 0.1ETH and receive a bonus of 20%!


The Presale starts on February 8th 12:00 UTC and will run untill February 15th 12:00 UTC. Participate in the Presale with a minimum of 0.1ETH and receive a bonus of 10%.


The Crowdsale starts on February 15th 12:00 UTC and will run untill March 8th 12:00 UTC as long as there are token available. 


We issue a total of 200 million token and will list the PCH token on several exchanges after the ICO. We accept early registrations to get whitelisted. We will publish the contract address on February 1st, just before the ICO starts.


To date we have up to 2000ETH commited, a community of 5000+ supporters and promoters, and 50+ supporters in our referral program who commit to deliver 7000+ participants.


We invite you to our website, read our white paper, participate and join us in our mission to reshape recruitment.


Best regards,

Mark Duiker

CEO, Pitch Apply 
       [ Our Website › ]( http://14ntz.r.ag.d.sendibm3.com/track/click/u4jzfqldnpvjd )       
       [ Our White Paper › ]( http://14ntz.r.ag.d.sendibm3.com/track/click/u4jzfrdtnpvjd )       
       [ Presale Registration  › ]( http://14ntz.r.ag.d.sendibm3.com/track/click/u4jzfs69npvjd )             

Pitch Apply | Prinses Margrietstraat 57
2983 ED Ridderkerk | The Netherlands
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