[tin-bugs] Pending - World Business Registry 2019-2020 [REF:WDE-85230]

Form Team Business List form at wbl20.team
Mon Jun 24 18:42:57 CEST 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen,
In order to have your company inserted in
the registry of Global Companies for the
2019\2020 edition; please print, complete
and reply with the attached form
(wbl-F20s.jpg) or send it to the following address:
World Business List
Postbox  34
3700 AA Zeist
The Netherlands
Fax: 0031 30 310 0126
Updating is free of charge!

You received this message because this address
is listed in our database as being a company.
If we are mistaken please reply with the word
`remove` in the message and we`ll delist this
email address from our list accordingly.

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