[tin-users] Sender Header, again...

G g at nowhere.invalid
Mon Mar 23 12:23:38 CET 2015


I use tin compiled with NNTP_ONLY and an external provider,
I noticed recently that in the headers there is a "Sender:" line,
that disclose informations that I'd rather not share with the world.
I tried the "disable" but it doesn't work,(because of the NNTP, I think).

Is it possible to avoid to send that line or use some "fake names",
I have a machine with a full name in my domain end I am not worried abiut that
but in the Sender line there is also my "Real Name" got from the /etc/passwd
file (I changed it now, but I'd rather have it properly set) and worst of all
my username and that is not right as it makes life easier for the thousand of
people that daily attack my machine.

Any suggestions? Beside changing the source code.



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